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Amazing Facts is a website which provides scientific analysis in Hindi. The website post on news, technology, mystery and other information in a scientific way.

Amazing facts has been created to take everyone forward in the field of science. Amazing facts is a means of communicating to you all the aspects of science in Hindi language.

How does Amazing facts give you news.

Guys, very few people work in Amazing facts at this time, we want to move forward so that we keep telling you about the science activities happening in the world every day.  Amazing facts keeps an eye on every news happening in the world and brings to you only posts related to science.  With this Amazing facts tells you about the science related to religion and also gives facts on every subjects.

About us:

Name:- Dinesh Gadhavi

State:- Gujarat

Pin:- 370465

Contact:- dineshgadhvi12@gmail.com

YouTube channel:- TheFactFUNDA

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